Aculist Edge Market Trend & Stat Reports

Aculist Edge Market Trend & Stat Reports

This is a sample of one of the five reports available to you demonstrates the value of the talking points for your buyers and sellers. Not interested in the city? No problem! Pick zip code, MLS area or even school district too.

  • Your clients and prospects expect you to be the market expert… these informational reports will help you tell the story.
  • You don’t have a lot of time… spend it on what you do best while Aculist provides the data you need.
  • Leverage your brand… Receive tailored reports with your name, colors and email address, increasing your visibility.

Critical Decision-making Data for Agents

Critical Decision-making Data for Agents

  • Market Trends and Stats Reports are perfect when you want to impress your clients and prospects with unique, impressive data that helps them.
  • Market snapshots provide up-to-date market trends and key performance indicators that most people want to see before making decisions.
  • You understand the benefits of digging deeper and want to see the big picture, easily sharing housing market information with clients.
  • The PDF-formatted reports are delivered electronically to your inbox within minutes.
  • The reports are branded with your name, email address, BRE and broker colors for enhanced prospecting or to help satisfy demanding clients.

Reasons Why Agents Use Aculist

  1. We provide the most up-to-date data available, directly from the MLS
  2. Our reports are professional with data specific to your client’s city, area, zip or school district
  3. This is an easily accessible resource that saves you time, establishing you as the market/area expert
  4. To farm, at open houses, at listing meetings, pricing discussions, a CMA supplement, and educating clients and prospects

Your 3 Free Benefit

You can benefit from Aculist each month with three free branded reports for geographies you choose. It’s easy to access the reports via Matrix each month which is part of your MLS subscription.

While some of this information can be accessed via other MLSListings services such as Matrix, Aculist report costs include the ease of accessing this information, the various formatting and delivery options as well as the time saved by compiling this branded, important, up-to-date data in a way that can be shared directly with clients and prospects.

MLSListings & Aculist

As a wholly owned subsidiary, of MLSListings Inc, Aculist is an in-house startup, and has the full support of MLSListings in providing agents, brokers and associations critical, up-to-date information that decreases the time spent on gaining market expertise and increases the value provided to clients and members.

As a forward-thinking, technologically savvy MLS, MLSListings recognizes the need to provide its subscribers the best resources available. Aculist reports are presentation-ready, largely customizable, developed for buyer/seller end use and are a significant value for agents looking to differentiate themselves in the market.