Armed with the most up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information, real estate professionals can educate employees, clients, prospective buyers and sellers with exclusive Aculist data.

Aculist is Your Numbers Nerd, crunching data, producing stats and identifying trends which keep the broker, agent and real estate professional at the center of the transaction. Saving time, money and letting you focus on what you do best… that is Aculist.

Aculist Web Widgets automatically keep your website current. Have all the data your clients want, with no work for you.

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Quickly harness the power of raw MLS data to make smarter decisions.

Accessible - Online analytics viewable anywhere, anytime.
Exportable - Extract data for further analysis
Current - Relevant data refreshed throughout the day.
Interactive - You select your data: city, zip, name it!

When You Need Up-to-Date Data That Is Presentation-Ready and Professional, Think Aculist

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Aculist was developed by working directly with Real Estate professionals

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