Custom reports for busy professionals

Select from city, MLS area, zip code, elementary and high school district information with reports that are customized to your needs, including your branding —delivered right to your inbox within minutes. With different statistics and multiple geographies, these custom reports are tailored to you with your picture and contact information. Request your report and a PDF will be emailed to you in minutes. Stay ahead of your competition while being a resource for your clients. Aculist's Market Trend Reports take the freshest data available and turns it into presentation-ready material to share with clients and prospects.

Your Preferred Template & Geography

Critical Decision-making Data for Agents

  • Market Trends and Stats Reports are perfect when you want to impress your clients and prospects with unique, impressive data that helps them.
  • Market snapshots provide up-to-date market trends and key performance indicators that most people want to see before making decisions.
  • You understand the benefits of digging deeper and want to see the big picture, easily sharing housing market information with clients.
  • The PDF-formatted reports are delivered electronically to your inbox within minutes.
  • The reports are branded with your name, email address, BRE and broker colors for enhanced prospecting or to help satisfy demanding clients.

Aculist was developed by working directly with Real Estate professionals

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