Aculist Market Data Reports provide up-to-date, presentation-ready material that you can share with clients and prospects. Whether you want to keep in touch with prospects or are working with a serious buyer or seller, there is certainly a market report that suits your needs. With different statistics, trends and styles, you request the report that works best for you.

There are 20 Reports to Choose From
  • Classic reports focus on City, MLS Area, ZIP Code, Elementary and High School District. These are data-rich reports that show short, mid and long-term trends.
  • Premium reports focus on your personal branding, with a modern design appealing to buyers considering real estate transactions.
  • Marketing reports highlight month-over-month details in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide content that will encourage engagement with you as a market expert.
Helpful Hints
  • MLSListings subscribers benefit from 3 Free reports each month (beginning on the first of the month)
  • You can select Classic, Premium and Marketing reports
  • You may use your 3 Free reports on one listing, or on multiple listings
  • If you want more than three reports, you can purchase individual reports or subscribe to receive unlimited reports
  • After you select your reports, they are emailed to you, as a PDF, within 10 minutes
  • You must upload a photo to the Pro Dashboard (“My Info”) if you want your photo to appear on reports

Your Preferred Template & Geography

Aculist was developed by working directly with Real Estate professionals

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